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Dramatic Type – Web Trends of 2016


Web typography mostly must be practical, but nevertheless, it could be spectacular also. This evolving tendency is investigated.¬†Typography has come quite a distance in the last couple of decades. Additionally, it means more of a danger of being left behind while the development of internet typography means more choices for the designer.¬†In this informative article, we’ll examine the modern tendency for typography that is striking.

Spectacular typography

Typography is used for more than only legibility and readability (although that’s still the primary goal). Whether simple or complex, large or little, the words on the websites of today’s are used to put in a feeling of drama.

Spectacular stands out. As a way to lull the reader into the significance of big blocks of content, typography ought to be simple and unassuming.


Before we continue, let us make clear that pure typography and striking typography aren’t mutually exclusive. The truth is, simplified typography is just one of the most famous types of spectacular typography at second.

As typography that is visually stunning, spectacular typography can be described in a nutshell — for whatever motive.



Back to fundamentals

To comprehend the tendency for typography that is striking, we must refresh our comprehension of the fundamental principles.

Mood, construction, as well as the effect of the lettering divides type classes.

A type family is just all versions of the preferred font. The distinct types contain italics, bold, standard, condensed, black, and at times others.

In the circumstance of typography, the stroke denotes the width of every line. Sharing a stroke that is uniform within the same family appears to be the tendency lately, as uniform strokes are legible across different settings and contrast.

Typography is all about the way that it is used only as much as the way that it appears. This ought to describe why we lately see straightforward and typefaces that are apparently mundane catch our focus.

Font availability

The driving force behind striking typography is the increased access to typefaces for mass use. More fonts are accessible for no cash — or less cash through Google Fonts.

All Adobe ‘s Creative Cloud plans, for example, contain their Typekit service. Web designers can be choosers and beggars with the abundance of choices available at low cost.

This availability additionally allows for theme-based layout. WordPress users can get the same quantity of options as homegrown sites.


While using a carton or internet- a typeface that is safe from a kit is an excellent option, do not be afraid to get creative. For reference point, here’re a few of the most famous typefaces we have seen lately:

  • Proxima Nova
  • Futura
  • Avenir
  • Open Sans
  • Helvetica Neue

Serif typefaces:

  • Caslon
  • Garamond
  • Cargo Text
  • Minion

We stuck with Proxima Nova before this year when we redesigned the UXPin site. It is a comfortable, clean typeface that is exceptionally legible and may make a statement with all the layout treatment that is correct.

Because the big headline is placed against the pure white backdrop, the headline seems larger than it is (without crowding out the body text).

That which we see today is just of the means by which most designers are utilizing typography, the present iteration.

Great typography will consistently execute these aims:

Works together with other layout approaches

Satisfies technological necessities (i.e., browser compatibility and responsive design)

Creates a great feeling

The typography styles of now achieve these aims, but how will they adjust to satisfy the following age of design?

As technology enables more execution of animations and 3D effects, these might also play a bigger part in typefaces are presented.
Similar to the other aspects of layout, the way that it is used, and typography is chained to allowances and the requirements of technology.

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